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Our Story

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After graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Blake and Julie Hurst returned to Tarkio, Missouri to join Blake's father on the family farm. They lived in Tarkio for the first few years of their marriage where, in 1982, Blake built their first greenhouse which they opened for local retail business.  Julie with help from their two daughters, Lee and Ann, ages 3 and 2 respectively grew bedding plants and later poinsettias.

In 1983, Blake, Julie and the girls moved to a farm 10 miles northeast of Tarkio near the small town of Westboro, Missouri. Blake built two greenhouses there, approximately 2,700 square feet in size and Hurst Greenery was ready for business. In 1986, their son, Ben was born and Julie added the first crop of mums to the operation. By 1988, Blake had built 2 more homemade greenhouses and Julie hired the first Hurst Greenery employees to help with the expanding business. At this time, Julie and Blake sold plants to the local grocery stores and nearby Earl May Garden Centers.

Since then, many more greenhouses have been built or replaced including two (2) gutter connect ranges. Hurst Greenery sells and delivers bedding plants, perennials, hanging baskets, patio pots and hardy hibiscus.  Through direct delivery or distribution our customers are in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Our delivery fleet started with Dodge pickups and horse trailers, which have mostly been retired.  We now utilize box trucks and semis for delivery.  Hurst Greenery has over 2 acres of greenhouse space and employs 12-15 people seasonally.

In addition to Blake and Julie, in 2002, daughter and son-in-law Lee and Ryan Harms joined the operation full-time, followed in 2011 by son-in-law Matt Schlueter.

Hurst Greenery continues to grow and adapt to an ever-changing industry.

About Us: Our Farm
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